Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Breakfast at Leonardo's, Hull's best restaurant?

Breakfast at Leonardo's

One thing I love every day is my breakfast. They say that breakfast is the best meal of the day - well just try telling that to the top restaurants. Most opt them cannot be bothered to open up early enough for breakfasts. One example is The Pie Shop, which is one of the best the best steak pie shops in Hull  ut doesn't open up until 11 am (and they close at 4pm!) Delicious pies, and they use red wine to marinade the steak, two prime locations, but what part-timers these guys are (I do hope you're reading this Matt!)
Many a time we wandered in Hullhungry and cold, whipped by weather,  in search of a delicious pie . . .
My nutritionally minded friends will all advise you to eat a hearty breakfast, and who am I to disagree with them! Now, speaking of being in Hull, forget BreakFast at Tiffany's, try Breakfast at Leonardo's on Prinny Dock Side in Hull. They open at 9am for one of the best breakfasts you will find in Hull City Centre. 

The toast is done the way you want it (topped with eggs, bacon and smoked salmon please!). Great choice of beverages and terrific service as usual, plus all the papers you can read. If you ask really nicely the boss Guy will even sing you a song, or if you tell him how nice the background music is he will knock a quid off your breakfast! Seriously, a very nice leisurely way to do breakfast. You can even call ahead and book a table at Leonardo's  the number is 01482 228475 and  if you need to know more, then they also have a web site with the menu  and you can find that at Or why now make a note of the postcode  in your phone then you can get your Google map app show you the way there -  HU1 2JX

If you really don't know where it is, just wander out of the Princes Quay shopping centre and as you look out of the huge windows towards the old town, its right in front of you, on the corner of Posterngate and Pirnce's Dock Street, on the opposite corner to Sugar Mill. You can sit outside and dine al fresco if you don't want to hear the singing!  
Actually, the music at Leonardo's is really good - some fabulous sounds on the background music system that you won't hear everywhere else in Hull, plus there's live music early every Wednesday evening. Every couple of weeks you will see and hear WOODSMOKE. (great acoustic blues due of two great musicians, Matt and James, who REALLY know their music). 
These two very accomplished musicians do an interesting mixture of acoustic folk, country and blues and have been playing at Leonardo's for a couple of years now.
ANDY CORNFOOT is another good local singer-guitarist who you can see at Leonardo's about once a month. A big Beatles fan, he can also do Dylan,m numbers and lots more up to date stuff too. Leonardo's also have a very interesting four piece band, MOODY SKIES, which has a great female bass player, TWO female vocalists and another guitarist. 

Live Music usually happens from about 6:30 to 9pm and thats every Wednesday - at Leonardo's.  

Sunny afternoons you can sit in the glass panelled enclosure outside on the quayside and just admire the architecture of the Princes Quay and maybe reminisce of what the quayside was like when it was covered with railway wagons, sheds and boats. 

Leonardo's has a bit of a split personality - its officially called The Quayside, but the menus and most signs and the regulars all call it Leonardo's. (Some very old people use its original name, the Royal Oak!)