Sunday, 17 March 2013

Pauls first Blog

I've been asked to assemble / construct / distribute a blog for some time and, after such a dreadful start to 2013, thought this might be a suitable point to sit back, think where I am and decide what's really important.

We held the funeral of my Mum this week and as her eldest son I had the honour to deliver her eulogy. The input from my brothers and sisters, especially Lynne and Pam, reminded me just how important other people are in our lives. We were either designed as, or have evolved as, social creatures  and contact with others is so important. Contact and communication have always been important in my life and I'm grateful to those of you who urged me to do this 'blog'.

But contact can often be a huge problem, as Anne and I found earlier this year, immediately following the fire at the Triton when we were just inundated with calls and messages from friends, contacts, customers and others who were simply curious. We became bogged down with so many queries and calls we never even got time to get back to those offering help and assistance. If YOU are still waiting for such a response, please do accept our apologies. It's not because we don't want your contact - we definitely DO, but have had such pressure on our time and other resources.

Anyone who wants the latest news on The Triton should join the mailing list - just send a quick email saying SUBSCRIBE to   Reports will be issued as soon as the situation is certain and we have a definite reopening date. 

I'll try and keep this blog as up to date as possible so please feel free to respond, add anything, or just check back as and when you wish.

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