Friday, 4 July 2014

Current update on work

I can't believe its now six months since I last posted a Blog. The main problem is, I keep losing the passwords.  Google makes it VERY difficult to get in. Nightmare, and there is alwys something else to do that is easier to get into.  All the help and advice gurus say that we must NEVER use the same password twice, so I was faced with storing up a few hundred passwords for all the software, memberships and other pages I do actually NEED to access on a regular basis. 

Anyway, I think I have the solution now so shall give this another try.

I'm up to my ears with work right now. Several projects in hand:

  • A new radio station we are in the middle of settling up, and it involves a ship !
  • two new books, one of them with the full story of the MV Communicator
       (Laser 558, Laser Hot Hits,
         Holland FM, Veronica HitRadio, Q Radio
    and The Superstation)
  • a web based business - TalentPages UK
  • and a couple of other small projects. 
If only each day was twice as long!  Fortunately I'm only just over half way through my life, but I had promised myself I would have all these operational by Christmas, and its midsummer already.   New s of each of the projects will appear on this blog as soon as we are able to give details. Alternatively you might find details on the web sites below, but a lot of our work involves third parties, some of which are publicly quoted companies, so we are not able to release news which they can't, due to Stock Exchange restrictions. Please bear with me, and don't bombard me with questions that I can't answer without breaching Client Confidentiality.

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