Saturday, 19 December 2015

Nostalgia from Holland on

Nostalgia from Holland on


Last month the 192TV channel opened its new studios in Nijkerk in the Netherlands. Although run by a bunch of radio aficionados, (OK then - Anoraks!) this is not of such narrow appeal as you might expect. It is in fact a very widely watched channel.  The 192TV channel now has 2 MILLION subscribers in Holland alone where its available on a number of outlets. 

They are the same people who bring one of Internet Radio's most entertaining radio channels, Former Radio Veronica audio and programming guru, Ad Bouman and Rob Stellings, Rene Kroon from TMF, The Music Factory, and former record label executive Bert van Breda

Largely due to its programme content including chunks of old shows from Beat TV,  the BBC, KRO, NOS and many more. It is in fact like an all gold radio channel, but with rarely seen footage from days gone by.  I must confess I often wallow in the nostalgic programme material it offers. 

192TV takes the viewer back in time 24/7 with clips and TV shows of all kinds of artists from the  sixties and seventies, interspersed with original jingles from that time.  They also run stuff from the 80s, 90s and the noughts too  The most popular strips though seem to be the ones featuring the Beatles and they recently ran some exhibitions in the studio related to the band, and their visits to the Netherlands.   The Beatles Top 30 was also a popular programme event (Ive been trying to see it again, a pity that 192TV does not have a 'Watch it Again" feature. 


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