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Internet Radio in 2016, how to launch your own radio station

Internet Radio in 2016

How to launch your own Internet Radio station

I've worked as a broadcast consultant for many radio stations since the early 1980s and recently have had a lot of calls from people wanting help in setting up radio stations onlineinternet radio, or web radio, as they are known. It's now possible for almost anyone to run their own radio station 'online' and have it heard all around the world. No licence is necessary (in most countries) and it can now be very cheap to set up a radio station to run pretty much automatically. 

Indeed, some of the service providers let you upload your programme items, say music, announcements, commercials, etc and the transmission computers (called a server) will mix the whole lot together in a continuous stream - a full round the clock service provided under the guise of your radio station's name. You don't even need your radio station's studio to be switched on, you just pop in and out of the stream whoever you want to broadcast live.

for more details on the Book

Almost 100,000 stations have now gone online and with some developments just around the corner, such as the huge increase in data capacity,  this will rise quickly. We could well see around a million radio stations available to listen to within the next five years.

We are not able to advise every one who wants to broadcast, and so have published a book telling exactly how anyone can set up their own radio station. The Internet Radio book explains the system, how to arrange transmission, what equipment is required and how and where to obtain it. The book also has a lot of essential tips on how to run a radio station to make it successful. How to fund your station, not just the initial finance, but ongoing revenues. What are advertisers and sponsors looking for and how they might provide the money needed to sustain your stationed make it a successful business. 

Internet Radio connections
The Internet Radio 2016 book has over 77,000 words, that's 353 pages long and it's available on line now to download instantly to your electronic reader. You can see it on Smartphones, tablets such as the iPad, laptops and desk top computers - as well as Kindles of course.

It costs just £6.89 and that's for more information than you will hear on a two day seminar.  You can read the book's 38 chapters about radio as often as you wish, and use the links in its pages to contact suppliers and agencies. The book tells how you can make  some great savings and help your radio station to sound even better.

Written in February 2016, the book is bang up to date and includes details of the new CRB copyright rates for American stations and the closedown of Live365. Radio stations needing distribution can get online immediately with a transmission provider, or server company, called Listen2MyRadio, which has a great offers on right now - just tell them Paul Rusling sent you. Click the socks in the picture above for details!   

Have look at the World of Radio web page for all the details and decide if the book could help YOU or perhaps one of your friends realise that long held dream:
 - your very own radio station 

The eBook is called 

Internet Radio 2016: How to launch and operate your own station

Internet Radio 2016 is published by World of Radio. There is also a web site of the same name that also contains lots of relevant information.

Roberts Dab and Internet Radio
The World of Radio web site describes what the specialised pieces of equipment, such as encoders, and processors, are for. It describes why you need them and how they achieve their purpose.  As well as the 'server side' equipment, programme sources are included, such as the radio station playout and automations software, legal sources of downloadable music, hardware such as mixing console and microphones too.

The book also describes the difference methods of digital formatting for broadcast and the various transmission services companies, who is doing the best deals for small broadcasters. This is a constantly changing field and the website is updated on a daily basis.

Click HERE for details of the DAB+ Radio 

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