Thursday, 1 December 2016

Pub launches 

its own 

radio station 

Ive spent most of my adult life working in radio or behind bars - i.e. stood behind a bar dispensing drinks, in a piub, hotel, night pub or wherever! Great fun, both, but I have often wandered from one industry to the other because I didn't want to leave the lifestyle of either of them. They both really are great fun, and I am a firm believer in always doing whatever you enjoy!

Its amazing that I haven't thought of the idea before now, of running a radio station from a pub!

Well, someone else has beaten me to it.  Ian Evans and Brett Orchard have combined their experience in the licensed trade with time in radio and launched a radio station from a pub.  They have taken on an Enterprise Inns lease  (always a minefield of potential legal and financial problems - BEWARE!) on the Winchester Arms in Taunton (Somerset) and reopened it as the Atlantic Radio cafe. 

The sound-proofed studio is located inside the pub, just off one of the bars, meaning diners can not only hear the station but they can also watch the station's broadcasters.  Sometimes they can even take part in the programmes.  

The station's output can be heard on the internet, and they are currently targeting a family and predominantly female audience, aged between 25 and 55.  Atlantic Radio also intends to have a presence at various events in the taunton area and they have invested in a converted 'Thunderer' pick up truck, used for OBs. 

Maybe they will be playing lots of BEER GEES records?
Soft Cellar?  Stevie 'Golden' Wonder?  Guns & Rosé ? 

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