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Pirate Radio Party Boat - offshore radio comes inland!


offshore radio 
comes inland! 

Ho Ho Ho!  A pirates's life for me!And it is,  it is, a glorious thing . . . . to be a Pirate King.

I've been VERY lucky as my life has revolved around the things I enjoy doing most - radio, music, partying etc. Probably the most serious 'proper job' I have had was being a publican. My wife Anne and I managed several and had a couple ourselves; these have usually included live music and frequent 'party nights', which were always really enjoyable.

What better than to combine Party Nights with Pirate Radio, which is something I seem to have acquired a bit of a reputation for.  I've been involved with many radio stations; most of them totally legal, but the times everyone remembers me for are my stint on Radio Caroline in the seventies and Laser in the 80s.  There were others, including legal stints for Classic FM, Virgin, Sky Radio, Radio 10 Gold, and many more.

I have to admit, the days afloat were the best, simply super days - there's something surreal, perhaps romantic, about bobbing around on a boat out at sea while spinning your favourite sounds. When it's coupled with playing with high powered transmitters and wildly swaying aerials, AND you get paid for it!  Well, life couldn't get any better!

So, we're now embarking on our latest adventure: -

Pirate Party Boat off Clearwater
Typical  pirate party boat, this one off Clearwater.
You've probably seen those little pleasure boats at the seaside or in amusement parks which take you for a quick cruise around the bay? some are little more than a booze cuise', some have great music and some have mock battles.    The Pirate Radio Party Boat will be quite a few steps up from those.  

Pirate Party Boat Facilities

The PRPB will be larger and contain a couple of radio stations and at least one TV channel with the usual studios and production facilities, plus a performance area for bands and artists to shoot music videos. The boat will also have exhibition areas and a restaurant overlooking the performance area, enabling us to stage cabaret and party nights on board. These will be held in ports and harbours around the coast  with the boat staying a couple of weeks in each port before moving on. 

Party facilities on a Pirate Boat

The Pirate Radio Boat will be 100% legal, and will serve top quality food and drink in a fun-soaked atmosphere. It's the ideal place for a party  whether for social clubs, family dinners or more formal events such as corporate presentations and weddings. Party Nights with a pirate theme will be one of the main activities on the Pirate Party Boat, which will be capable of carrying over two hundred visitors.  We hope to be able to announce our first 'ports of call' and firm dates shortly and shall then be able to accept bookings.

The Pirate Party Boat has a superb team of mariners, engineers and DJ-entertainers, most with long pedigrees of nautical fun and frivolity all lined up and ready to set sail. We shall even have a couple of tame parrots on the crew who will pose on your shoulder if you wear a bandana  and a patch over one eye; there's no need to have your leg off!

Putting a pirate ship together to these high standards does take some time however, and we can't give a firm 'launch' date yet. It's a chartered boat but needs a fair bit of conversion work.  We are now looking at the potential locations and welcome all suggestions of non-drying harbours and docks able to take a 180 footer (8' draught) with easy public access and car parking for coaches.  

Everybody wants to be a pirate at some time - soon everyone will get their chance. There's a little more information on this web page, or you can get more 'up to date' news and information as soon as its available by signing up for our newsletter using the form below.

International 'Talk Like a Pirate' day 

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Don't forget that September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
So get practicing now, ye scurvy-faced landlubber!   Arrr!

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