Thursday, 5 February 2015

Latest UK Radio listening figures

The latest radio listening figures for the UK for the last 3 months of 2014 show that 89% of the population are regular radio listeners, tuning in for an average of over 21 hours a week. BBC Radio 6 has over 2 m listeners, putting it above BBC Radio 3. 

Radio 1 lost listeners again; total BBC Radio reach is 35million, or about 53% of all listening. Radio 2 attracts over 15m listeners and Radio 4 10.75m.  BBC Radio 5, without any FM outlet, is still reading over 5.5 million listeners each week, while the BBC;s top Breakfast shows are Chris Evans (9.6m) and Radio 4's TODAY programme (6.7m) 

The top private station in London is now Kiss FM, ahead of the long time leader Capital, which is now networked around the UK.  
BBC Local radio now reaches just a shade under 9 million, considerably down on its peak of 9.3m reached last year. 

Meanwhile the BBC Trust has begun its latest review, looking at the speech radio stations provided by the BBC. The review will mainly look at Radio 4 and Radio 5. Its part of a rolling programme whereby each BBC service is reviewed at least once every five years.

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