Thursday, 5 February 2015

The weekly record chart show

The Weekly Chart Show - still relevant?

I never expected to be still checking the weekly music charts. While its become fashionable for guys my age to knock current music, I find that my music taste still cover a wide gamut of genres, though mainly funk ad rock, anything energetic and well produced actually!

Until recently I used to excitedly sit and listen to the countdown of the new singles chart each Sunday teatime. The decline in presentation standards has spolied that period of radio for me, but I still grab a copy of the new chart around 7pm each Sunday, to see who is doing what.

The album charts have never interested me much - for many years in the 60s it seemed like the Sound of Music was No 1 forever, so I became more interested in the singles chart. I never really found 40 minutes to listen to an album in its entirety, three minutes is quite long enough for some tunes!

If YOU have fallen out of syn with today's music charts, but still like to have a very quick glimpse of the what's new, we will let you know what's No 1 in singles and albums, what's storiming up the charts, and what's new and expected to be a big hit soon.

Are you still interested in music, or has much of it lost its attraction for you? Do you still buy music, as CDs or downloads?   I'm very interested to hear.  Drop me a line HERE and let me know.

Until next Monday

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1. Changing,       by SIGMA 
     f  Paloma Faith
 This has toppled last week's number 1 (Blame by Calvin Harris) by storming up the charts 115 places

Professor Green is at number 4 with Lullaby. Pharrell Williams single Happy has moved one nich higher this week; its 44 weeks in the Top 40 now, thats just six weeks off a year stay. Totally Amazing!

1. No sound without silence  SCRIPT
  First week in the chart, but close behind is  Barbara Streisand's new album 'Partners'    while the new CHRIS BROWN album is just a couple of places behind her.

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