Thursday, 10 August 2017

Top DJs earn up to $50m a year

Top Disc Jockeys earn up to $50 million a year!


Figures published by Forbes magazine this month show that the top earning DJs are now nearning tens of millions of dollars, simply for mixing and scratching. 

Well, mostly from their turntable skills:  some of them have topped up their earnings by producing records too and its these recordings that have boosted earnings over the past year (the figures are for one year, from July 2016 to June 2017). 

01.   Calvin Harris ($48.5m)
02.   Tiesto ($39m)
03.   The Chainsmokers ($38m)
04.   Skrillex ($30m)
05.   Steve Aoki ($29.5m)
06.   Diplo ($28.5m)
07.   David Guetta ($25m)
08.   Marshmello ($21m)
09.   Martin Garrix ($19.5m)
10.   Zedd ($19m)

These figures are their GROSS earnings and do not allow fo the hefty cut that managers (20-40%) and agents (15%) take from a DJs earnings, or the other expenses. Presumable accountanst and tax -experts will be taking a healthy cut too?

There is a good feature on DJ earnings on World of Radio's Club DJ page here, that explains in a bit more depth how much DJs earn. 

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