Friday, 13 July 2018

Three Lions gets 4th period at Number One

Three Lions brings home a Fourth Period  at Number One

Looking very at home and celebrating their number one smash hit, David Baddiel and Frank Skinner. Their "Three Lions" single sold 80,000 copies this week which gives it a Number 1 position, just as it enjoyed 22 years ago when last released.

The single also features the Lightning Seeds and has been a perenniel favourite, though never as appropriate as last weekend.

The England World Cup team's Russian Adventure

Three Lions on a flag ENGLAND's 2018 LOGO 
It was last wekend, when the England team were through to the Semi Finals and everyone hoped that they might make the Grand Final, that interest in the song was highest.  Instead, that tie will be between Croatia and France.  Despite holding their early 1-nil  lead throughout the game, England conceded just before the ninety minute whistle to give the Croatian team an extra 30 minutes, which they used to slot home another goal and win their place in the final.

Fourth Spell at Number One 

This is the first time in the chart's 66 year history that a song has spent FOUR spells at Number One with the same artist and line up.  Three Lions spent two  one-week spells at Number One in 1996 on its release,  and two years later had a three week stay at the top of the chart. The recent exploits of the England team in Russia in the World Cup made it the single's fourth period at the top.

It is one of the best selling singles in the UK of all time, having shifted over 1.5 million copies now (the total excludes streams).  The campaign to get Green Day's "American Idiot" up the charts has failed to make much impression, with a measly #25 position being reached.

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